X100V Mac Connection Issue

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I am new to Fuji -- sorry if this question has been asked before, but I could not find an answer by searching the forum.

When I connect my X100V to my Mac with the included USB cable, I can transfer images with the Image Capture program (included in Mac OS), but I don't see the files on the SD card in the Finder (as was the case with _any_ other camera I have ever used).

"PC connection mode" is set to "USB card reader", which should be the correct setting.

What am I missing? Is there no option to just make the camera work as an USB card reader (as the setting suggests!)? I have also tried every other combination of settings on the camera so far...

Thanks for any help!


Which OS are you using? I'm using Big Sur on a 2018 MacBook Pro. Fuji X-H1 connected via USB-C, "USB CARD READER" is set in "Connections" menu. My findings:

- Mac Finder does not show the X-H1 or SD card. The issue may be related to that discussed in this video by Pal2Tech . Basically other brands seem to assign a name to the SD card when formatted in-camera, whereas Fuji does not, or at least not detectable by Mac, because he demonstrates that Windows can detect it.

- Disk Utility does not show a new drive connected/mounted

- Image Capture works, detects the X-H1 and displays thumbnails of all the pics. You can select where on your Mac you want to import them to, including connected external drives.

- Photos app shows the X-H1 as a device immediately, and if you put a check mark in the "Open photos for this device" near the top of the window, then Photos will display the images as soon was you connect the camera. From there you can select where to import the images, but only within the Photos app.

So yes, not ideal, and I have no idea why there is this limitation. It may be a Big Sur issue; it may be Apple's way of "forcing" you to use your gear their way; it may be Fuji's fault for not knowing exactly how Macs work. Bottom line is there is a workaround, just not as convenient or as consistent as we'd likeĀ 

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