Thinking of replacing my GR3 with a Sony A6400

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Re: GR III X Re: Thinking of replacing my GR3 with a Sony A6400

I have the GR II and the A6400.  They each have their place.  I will say the A6400 is a great slim small body with amazing AF, video and still quality.  Tracking is crazy good too.  I'm a fan.  You could pick up a clean used one with the Sony 35mm f1.8 OSS and that would be a tiny package and give you stabilization.  Pick two other small primes and I think you'd be happy with package, flexibility and results.  There's always trade-offs.  The GR cameras are great pocket cameras for sure.  I know people complain about the Sony menus but at least for me, once you set it for your preferences, you don't fiddle with it much and it's perfectly fine.  They have an FN button that you can put the things you want to change regularly and that's super easy to get to and do.  So I think the A6400 is better all around camera for sure.  The GR series are great when you don't want to carry a camera bag but want better IQ than your phone.

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