Today I shot sports with Z7 for the first time

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Re: Today I shot sports with Z7 for the first time

Tailslol wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Tailslol wrote:

4. The lighting was not perfect but still it's a well lit stadium so the camera could easily acquire focus in every shot.

Some say 4000 ISO you used is no good

I mostly used 1/640 shutter but now that I browse through the images at home, maybe 1/800 or 1/1000 would have frozen the ball better. But I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice that much ISO just to have the ball slightly sharper. Any recommendations are welcome.

I prefer the ball with the hint of movement.

And I couldn't shoot raw since my 64GB card would fill up for sure. So I shot JPEG. What do you recommend about that? Get a bigger card for next time and shoot RAW or JPEG for sports is ok?

(I didn't get paid for this, but who knows, maybe in the future I will)

Looking at your Instagram portfolio you are a competent wildlife, landscape and horse photographer.

In the above image the interest is in the nearest figure. The left hand, outstretched right hand, the hair and not quite touching the ball are all positive "action" elements.

A tight crop around her I think would be a much "stronger" action shot.

There is a lot of clutter on the floor - not easy to avoid.

If you get well know for your photos asking politely for items like the blue box with white top to be moved out of the main picture area could avoid some background distraction.

If most of your shots were at close to 200mm adding a 1.4 TC would help get "closer to the action".

You can get a second card and swop it when the first card is about 80% full.

You have everything needed for a good action shot with jpg.

Thanks a lot. I actually don't shoot horses that often, I just happened to see them a lot these days in the wild. : )

The photo was not cropped or edited in any way, I just put it as an example shot. Straight out of camera. It wasn't the best or a particularly important shot, but most shots have similar EXIF to this one, 1/640, F2.8 and ISO around 2000-4000.
Since it's my first time shooting sports, I couldn't figure out the best spots to stay. On Sunday there's another game, I'll wonder around more, especially I'll go to the other side and shoot our team from there so I can get face shots above the net.

Equipment wise, do you think I'll eventually need a longer bright tele for this? Like 300 2.8 or 400 2.8 even? Those lenses are hard to justify unless I'm sure I'll be paid for these images.

A 70-2002.8 is perfect for almost any indoor sport (and most outdoors sports as well). No need to buy expensive exotics until you mastered the use of the 70-200. Try to shot from low angle, should be possible if you get a press pass. Isolate the players with shallow DOF so you lose the distracting background. Study professional volleyball shots, and try to figure out how they were done.

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