FTZ adapter firmware update broke autofocus on 18-35mm D?

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Re: FTZ adapter firmware update broke autofocus on 18-35mm D?

mobydick wrote:

AF-D and D are the same thing. From Nikon's web site:

Nikon introduced AF-D series lenses in 1996, while these lenses look similar to AF lenses they contained an encoding microchip that transmits focusing distance information to the camera body, this information is used to enhance the accuracy of the cameras exposure and flash metering systems. Cameras with advanced 3D matrix metering systems require AF-D compatible lenses to take full advantage of this technology. All current Nikon autofocus lenses transmit distance information to compatible cameras and are therefore AF-D compatible, AF-D lenses are recognised by the D designation marked on the lens as illustrated in the image below.

Since even Nikon themselves put it this way, I think it is justified to speak about AF-D lenses. These are the traditional screw-driven AF lenses which already contain a distance encoder.

No. That's not what it says above. D is about distance information. There are AF-S D lenses (marked with D on the lens, as your quote suggests) that obviously do have internal motors and do not rely on a screw drive.

Just how hard is it for people (in general) to type "this lens does not have an internal focus motor" (which provides all the information required) rather than "this lens is AF-D" (which is just lazy and possibly misleading)? Is it that people want to define things by a quality or label they have (D) rather than by something they lack (AF motor)?

See this webpage as source for the above quotation:


Here, even the abbreviation AF-G is introduced (without aperture ring, but not necessarily with internal AF motor). Does anyone know a G lens which still has screw-driven AF?

10.5 DX fisheye.

I guess that's my point. "D" is not informative:

There are lenses labelled "D" without internal motors.
There are lenses labelled "D" with internal motors.
There are lenses without D designation without internal motors (both pre-D and G).
There are lenses without D designation with internal motors.

The D designation, whether you use the "AF-D" short hand or not, does not provide any information on the way in which focus is achieved.

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