Photography myths

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Re: Photography myths


The belief that others ---apparently vast hoards--- believe all photographs must be in focus.

It's bizarre. No one ever anywhere has said all photographs have to be in focus to be successful, yet there have been several "statements of the obvious" type threads created to let everyone know. We got it. Thanks.


The belief that others ---also apparently vast hoards--- think you need whatever level of camera to take a good or "pro" photo.

Again, no one has every said this anywhere. Never have I seen a thread started on any photography site saying so, and I've never heard a singe real life photographer say it. But yet again, blah blah blah, over and over, there are the "statements of the obvious" type threads to let everyone know what everyone knows?

I think people make these things up just to mount the podium and preach. Must induce some sort of professorial euphoric feeling? Is there a hormone involved, I wonder.

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