What lenses would you like to see?

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Re: What lenses would you like to see?

ukaskew37 wrote:

Jomppak wrote:

  • Lumix S35/1.8
  • Superzoom 28-200 (for me 3.5-5.6 or even 4-6.3 would be enough to make it smaller)
  • Cheaper 70-300 (or smallish 70-200), Sigma wake up
  • ultra wide prime (14mm?)

I'd agree with all of that. The Nikon Z 24-200 is amazing, really shows how good a super zoom can be on modern cameras.

An affordable telephoto is also an obvious hole in the line up.

In wishful thinking territory: Tamron. They alone make the switch to Sony FE quite tempting.

Agreed! (i had Z5 w/ 24-200)

And the original Tam 28-75f2.8 is why i gave the 7Rii a try.  Great sensor, but sony just doesn't "sing my tune" like Lumix.  As I keep saying, thank God for Sigma DG DN!

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