Why might I be getting this heavy vignetting on my scans?

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Re: Why might I be getting this heavy vignetting on my scans?

momotus wrote:

Disregard the aperture blades comment-- that's not how they work. All the blades are driven by a rotating disk with slots in it, and pins for each blade. They will all move together, whether sticky or not.

A slow aperture could cause a shadow, but it would be across the entire width of the image, not just one corner.

Hey @momotus!

I appreciate the theories! I was curious as well to see if it could possibly be an issue with the lens as I just had the camera serviced at Glazer's here in Seattle a few months ago to get all the foam replaced and the inner workings checked, fine-tuned, and adjusted. I did not, however, have the lens looked at.

I don't know if this is helpful, but I snapped a few shots of the aperture blades on the lens and here's what they look like:

Could the slight asymmetry of the heptagon shown in the picture be affecting the image to give it the vignette I'm experiencing? What I'm noticing is that one side of the heptagon (top left) seems to be slightly longer than the others.

The lens is at f/16 in the image and this asymmetry seems to be most obvious at those higher f-stops, which my camera would most likely have been in while taking the affected shots (landscape shots in high noon daylight). Could this somehow be affecting it?

I currently have film in the chamber so haven't opened the back yet but here are some shots of the interior from the front (not sure if they are at all helpful but thought I'd share for completeness):

Thanks so much for the help!

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