Why might I be getting this heavy vignetting on my scans?

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Re: Why might I be getting this heavy vignetting on my scans?

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Your testing only proved that you can mimic the shadowed area but not replicate it.

Correct. That testing was done because, as I said, the other poster's suggestion was worth exploring ... and I like exploring.

Note you new images shows slight colors from your hand while the original image does not. merely shows a dark shadow.

Also correct. The deep darkness of the OP's obstruction was mentioned in the other poster's comments, and he thought underexposure might explain it. I don't know that I could have effectively simulated underexposure of the OP's film and its subsequent developing, or duplicated the lighting conditions on my skin, so I didn't test for that or comment on the difference.

two different puppies.

I think I demonstrated that in my tests, even setting aside the darkness discrepancy. My hand positions were extremely unlikely ones, and they could not reproduce anything like the dark bands extending all the way down the sides of the OP's image.

I posted my own thoughts about this yesterday, and they don't include external lens obstructions:


The OP has also confirmed he hasn't held the camera like this , but your test pretty much also ruled it out as being the cause before he replied .

Without the camera in front of you to look at , all you can do is ask questions to rule all other possibilities out until you narrow it down to the cause .

It does seem like it's either the shutter at fault or some loose flicking in the mirror box .

I have an FE like the OP , but I'm away on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales so I can't check mine to see if has flocking that could come loose .

I've an idea it just has a matt black finish to the internals .

Just looked in my FE. The sides and bottom look like corrugated black metal, the back of the mirror has a flock / foam on it.

Worth the OP checking , but you would have thought if it was draping down from the mirror then every shot would be effected .

Hi all!

What would be the best method to check the interior flocking on the FE? Pop the back door open, set to bulb mode, activate the shutter, then inspect from behind and check if there is any foam sticking out?

I have a roll of film in the camera now that I'm only about two shots into so I can rewind as best I can and remove it so I can take a look from the back and test out this theory.

I'll also keep everyone posted once I get the other roll of film back from the lab and can inspect it for similar issues. If we can't get to the bottom of the issue, I'll probably take it into the Glazer's repair shop here in Seattle and have them take a look at it.

Again, thanks for everyone's help and theories, I've been learning quite a bit from the discussions. I've been shooting with this camera for the past four years and it really means a lot to me. The FE and 50mm lens were gifts from my grandpa to my dad back in the late 70's/early 80's. My grandpa was a big photography buff and he passed away this past May so I'll go to whatever lengths I can to get it working at its prime again and keep shooting it until I can pass it down to the next generation. Thanks for all the help!

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