40mm f/2 coming soon!

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Re: 40mm f/2 coming soon!

Droster wrote:

p5freak wrote:

BurnImage wrote:

The pandemic and chip shortage are obviously to blame, but it’s still frustrating.

Its not the pandemic, and its not chip shortage. Other manufacturers like Tamron and Sigma keep releasing lenses. Tamron announced 5 new lenses in the last 9 month. Sigma announced 9 lenses in the last 9 month. What did Nikon announce ? 3 lenses in the last 9 month. They are constantly falling behind.

Depends on how you define "constantly". Ignoring development announcements,

Tamron has 8 since April 2020.

18-300 (this fall release)

Nikon has 7 since April 2020.
50 1.2
50 mc
105 mc
40 (this fall release)

Nikon is one lens off. Not that bad actually. If you selectively pick a period of time where there's a lull to prove your point, then I also can't help you.

Back to the topic: I'm most definitely picking one up to replace my 50 f1.8G.

Your forgot the 13 Sigma lenses since april 2020. Tamron is tiny compared to Nikon, and they managed to release one more lens since april 2020. You cant blame chip shortage and pandemic when other companies manage to release more lenses in the same timeframe.

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