Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 experiences, doubting to sell my Nikon Z50 for it

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Re: Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 experiences, doubting to sell my Nikon Z50 for it

Barnie25 wrote:

This summer I bought a Nikon Z50. I like shooting with it and my 50mm 1.8 S lens is from all acounts one of the best lenses ever produced in its class. However I am finding that the 3:2 aspect ratio isn't always what I am looking for and a 4:3 sensor would most likely result in my cropping less.

I also wanted a system where I had a bigger choice in lenses without the need to go fullframe and something that had good IBIS.

I want a 2 lens setup that I can take with me to any situation.

I am looking at a Lumix G95 with a 30mm Sigma 1.4 and a 12-60 zoom lens. This would give me a good portrait lens for people shots and a zoom lens for any other application.

My question is what is the 'optimal' portrait lens for a MFT system? Currently my lens is 75mm FF equivalent and I do quite like it.

My second question is does the G9 have eye AF in AF-C for photos?

My third question is regarding the G9, any experiences you can share.

I have the Sigma 30mm F1.4 and its a good lens. If I were trying to get to 75mm or so, I would look for a fast 35mm or 40mm lens. All are manual focus AFAIK. You could put a full frame 50mm lens on a speed booster and that would get you  71mm.

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