***Mini Challenge #641 "Black & white nature photography"

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Art, arte, အနုပညာ, . . .

. . . is humanity's finest social moré.  That it survives, despite our need to bond, through our myriad languages, is proof of humanity's existence.

"Sans filtre."

Free space.

"Amarillo, Texas Filter."

Free space.

"Filtre a la orange."

Free space.

"Red Filter."

Free space.

"Green filter."

Item #1544: "The Trail of Painted Ponies;" subItem #3E/6,238.

By the time that the Spaniards found indigenous groups in Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, or, Abiquiu, the horse was history.

The horse, in a manner of speaking, is not natural to the Americas.  Thank you very much, Europe.

This horse arrived home, via a kind contributor to "Hospice," a second hand store dedicated to medical first responders in Santa Fe, NM.  Other elements, in this still-life, came from various "good wills."  My photo does not contain scale, therefore, I offer that nature's representative is roughly six inches long (that would make your hand, "x" inches wide). which makes the figurine a cross between a thoroughbred, and, a quarter horse.  Both, had not yet been invented in Europe when ChrisColon "discovered" us, speaking other than worldly languages.

If you are considering black & white, (monochrome), sepia, or some odd color scheme, I suggest that you first "visualize" it, a la Adams, or Minor White.  Chose your scheme that keeps the eye on the subject, or it will turn out "muddy."

I've been toying with the idea of trying attached filters on SOOC black and white settings.  Can you imagine the permutations?

Personally, I'm wondering how nature will evolve given our lust for fossil fuels.

Kind Host; does Portuguese have a word for "Genízaro?"  And, in Brazil, does the power structure listen to "First Nation" citizens?  They are, after all, au naturelle.


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