Pretentious signatures?

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Pretentious question?


Kind of a survey here. Do you feel that adding a fancy signature (invariably in a flowing cursive) to an image does something to enhance it?

Or is it just as overdone as cat pictures on the internet?

Obviously, from the phrasing of the question there can only be one answer since a "pretentious signature" is - by definition - pretentious.

However, if the question were to be asked in a more neutral manner; "Are signatures on photos pretentious?" then you would get a much more considered set of answers.  As seem to have actually been the case.

Personally, I don't mind signatures on pictures if they don't distract from the picture.  So, small and discreet.

The only thing that I do wonder about is why so many people include the word "PHOTOGRAPHY" as part of the signature.  Since it neither enhances the signature nor adds any information.

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