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Re: Sweep panoramas and wide angle lenses

Mobile phones and some digital cameras certainly overtook the market for sweep panoramas, which in the anolog film era had been dominated by large, expensive, models with vertical slit apertures, on clockwork stands that would slowly spin through a semicircle, often to capture rows of dozens of subjects carefully arranged in a curve at the same distance from the camera. It was an annual event at one of the schools I attended. It was rumoured that jokers who had placed themselves at the position of the opening shot had time to race to the far end of the crowd to be captured for a second time. But I suspect that would have been met by a strong reaction from the Headmaster.

Casio's versatile boffins furthered the digital technique, incorporating it to capture still scenes as if taken with much wider lenses, by allowing an initial left to right sweep at a relatively high angle to be stitched to a right to left sweep at a lower angle. Carried out with the camera either in horizontal or vertical aspect enabled a camera lens with a width of only 25mm equivalent to yield pictures that would appear to be from lenses of 19mm or even 15mm. The difficulty in achieving those results was, however, limited by the need to carry out both sweeps perfectly horizontal. Failure to do so caused the camera to abort the shot.

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