Downgrading from Big Sur to Catalina

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Re: Downgrading from Big Sur to Catalina

wklee wrote:

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wklee wrote:

I ran EtreCheck. It is a 5400rpm Hard Disk and the drive is failing. Also, Gatekeeper is off.
Thank you.

I ran my 2012 Mac Mini for over 3 years using an external Samsung T3 (850EVO) SSD. The thing became a little speed demon compared to the stock HDD. Now my wife uses the T3 for her Time Machine backup. According to Drive Dx the SSD still has around 3/4 of its useful life left.

These days I would opt for the SanDisk Supreme V2 SSD, which I favor over the Samsung T5/T7 drives for various reasons. 256GB was plenty of space for me and that makes the cost around $80.

Of course, you can also install an internal drive if you feel up to it. . . If you have a use for the Mini, $80 is a minimal investment IMO.

Thanks. I currently use a WD Black Game Drive P10 2TB Hard Disk to boot externally from the Mac Mini. Costs about $100. Singapore price is about $140. It's OK. It seems like the local shops charge a bit more.

I see that the WD is HDD. . . Which you no doubt know is much slower than SSD. How much? Well. . . Prior to upgrading my 2012 Mac Mini, booting from the internal HDD averaged 4 minutes. After switching to the Samsung T3, the slowest boot time was 30 seconds.

My wife's 2011 13" MBP had the same before and after numbers when I installed an 850EVO. I figure that the SSDs provided us at least 3 more years of useful life and probably more. If her SSD had not died, she would still be using the MBP at least until the new M1x models are released, which is what I was waiting for before deciding which portable Mac to buy.

Personally, I could have easily waited 2 more years to get a new Mac Mini M1 vs. the 2018 Intel. Now I need to decide whether to keep it or upgrade when the new Mini comes out.

I assume that the WD drive is somewhat faster, being a "gamer" drive and all. If it is fast enough for your needs, more power to you. My impression is that the 2014 Mini is a backup Mac for you, so speed may not be an issue. I'm not into encouraging someone to upgrade if they are happy with where they are; it's certainly happened to me in the past!

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