Back to Fujifilm! Whatever happened to Kaizen?

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Re: Back to Fujifilm! Whatever happened to Kaizen?

Ringwraith69 wrote:

ViMa wrote:

As for your lens question, the only thing I can say is that personally I would really hesitate to pair the 70-300 with an X-Pro 3. The classic rangefinder style of that camera just is not ideally suited for using such a relatively big and heavy tele-zoom. And yes, I know, of course it will work, but just imagine someone sticking a big fat tele on a Leica M...

Yes. To me it sounds completely counterintuitive to stick a massive zoom lens on the X-Pro3. But having said that, even the 90mm sounds completely counterintuitive or any zoom lens, really. Even if I ended up using the EVF only (my goal is to become an OVF master, if possible) the X-Pro3 feels wrong to use with any zoom lens.

Agreed, it is counterintuitive. But it's not just that. These big hulks of lenses also block quite a large part of the OVF. I love the 90mm. to death, it's a brilliant lens and one of the sharpest Fuji has made so far. But I hardly ever use it on my X-Pro2 because it takes up about a third of the field of view through the OVF.

The X-Pro3's EVF is quite a bit better than the X-Pro2's.

The Pro-3 feels as substantial as the X-T's.

The whole hybrid design of the Pro-3 is oriented toward using the OVF with certain lenses (the crons, for example) and the EVF with others (eg. larger zooms).

Simple as the flick of a switch... a beautiful and versatile design.  No other Fuji has such a split personality.

That said, I do use the 18-55mm. on the X-Pro2 quite a lot. That's one lens that is so small/light, versatile and good (IQ-wise) that I do feel it fits the rangefinder style of the X-Pro cameras. But other than that, I go for primes up to the 60mm. Macro (not for macro shots, just as a very nice and fast lens for portraits and things like that). Nothing longer, if I want more range, I'll get my X-H1 or X-T1.

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