Back to Fujifilm! Whatever happened to Kaizen?

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Re: Back to Fujifilm! Whatever happened to Kaizen?

ViMa wrote:

Ringwraith69 wrote:

Somehow, after being in the Fuji X-universe for something like 8 years now, I've gotten the nagging feeling that the whole Kaizen-thing was just a sales pitch created by Fuji to mask the fact that they were introducing cameras to the world that weren't really finished. They had to, in the early days, provide continuous updates to get everything to work satisfactory but managed to dress that up as a unique, wonderful form of free and exceptional service. Now you could simply say that it was a cold marketing ploy but on the other hand: they did manage to transform the earlier rather crude working cameras into very nice photographic tools.

That's quite believable.

By now, however, the need for these continuous updates seems to have gone. The latest camera models Fuji introduced no longer have these idiotic quirks and issues that require immediate fixing by firmware updates. And so Kaizen has been allowed to slowly slip into the great void...

It's just sad we don't get some new film simulations etc. I understand why they wouldn't update something like the X-T2, X-T20 anymore, but the X-Pro3 is still officially their flagship!

As for your lens question, the only thing I can say is that personally I would really hesitate to pair the 70-300 with an X-Pro 3. The classic rangefinder style of that camera just is not ideally suited for using such a relatively big and heavy tele-zoom. And yes, I know, of course it will work, but just imagine someone sticking a big fat tele on a Leica M...

Yes. To me it sounds completely counterintuitive to stick a massive zoom lens on the X-Pro3. But having said that, even the 90mm sounds completely counterintuitive or any zoom lens, really. Even if I ended up using the EVF only (my goal is to become an OVF master, if possible) the X-Pro3 feels wrong to use with any zoom lens.


Have you tried it?

This just seems silly to say unless you have.

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