Why might I be getting this heavy vignetting on my scans?

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Re: Why might I be getting this heavy vignetting on my scans?

neilt3 wrote:

When you focussed these frames did you have your left hand under the lens supporting the camera or above the lens with the palm of your hand overhanging the lens ?

It looks like it was your hand in the way which could have caused the extreme underexposure .

Given its clearly a bright day the difference between the subjects exposure and what could have been needed for the inside of your hand , that could result in little or no exposure on the film .

The shape of the vignetting is also consistent with a hand held above the lens .

EDIT ; just to add , are all 6 effected frames like this at the top of the frame regardless of if the camera was in landscape or portrait orientation ?

Or were they all on the same side of the negatives frame regardless of which way up you held the camera ?

Showing the other 4 frames might help here .

Hi @neilt3, thanks again for the reply. Here's some additional info:

Hand Positions:

In portrait, I always shoot right hand above, gripping the camera and left hand below, supporting the camera. My left hand is fairly far back and just my index finger and thumb are toward the front of the lens adjusting focus/f stop.

Here's an image of my holding setup in portrait:

In landscape, my right hand holds the camera entirely and left hand just adjusts the lens  with fingertips.

I've never noticed my fingers or hand far enough forward to be visible through the viewfinder when shooting with this camera.

All Affected Images on Roll:

The above images were all taken consecutively on the roll. This unaffected image was taken immediately before the affected images:

And this image was taken immediately after the affected images:

All the above shots were taken in the same lighting conditions, environment, location, etc. interestingly, when I took the camera out a few days later (different location, similar lighting conditions), the issue came back up again as seen here (later in roll):

I'm wondering if it might have to do with the shutter malfunctioning in some way at high speeds. I can't remember for certain what my f-stop settings were in these individual shots but it seems the common factor between the two separate locations where this problem occurred is that they were very bright and the shutter would be firing at an extra high speed.

I have two more rolls being developed next week so maybe there will be more clues there.

Interested to hear what everyone thinks! Thanks so much for the great discussion!

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