X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

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X rite colorchecker passport magenta tint

Hi everyone,

I'm having issues with magenta colours being overly saturated when using the Xrite Colorchecker Passport in Lightroom Classic.

I'm photographing artwork for an art gallery and so colour reproduction is important. My client has come back saying that certain artworks are 'too pink', and I can agree it is too pink. Things that should be royal purple are coming out almost fuschia. Switching between adobe color standard and the profile I've created is drastic for the magenta in the artwork. The adobe standard looks quite accurate but why would the colour profile I've made be so off? I can't see any colour clipping as far as i can tell re this post .

I have attached a flat jpeg export of the RAW image of my colorchecker passport. Is the red in this overexposed? The histogram looks like nothing is falling off the left or right.

Are colour profiles meant to be 'exact' or do they just help, and manual color corrections are to be expected afterwards?

Hope someone can help!



- I didn't use this image below to make the profile but rather a closeup image of the passport (i cant see clipped RGB values).

- WB set to the same on each

- Walls have been selected and desaturated (its what the gallery wants so all their photos from different photographers 'match' in terms of WB

- Medium contrast tone curve applied to all but otherwise no adjustments

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