Nikon 500 f5.6 PF: first four weeks

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Re: Nikon 500 f5.6 PF: first three years

Ricardo00 wrote:

labalaba wrote:

Stephen1729 wrote:

labalaba wrote:

impressive! Can we ask what noise reduction software you use?

On these particular images there isn't any noise reduction applied by me and I have the cameras configured not apply high ISO noise suppression. I use Lightroom Classic but I do not use its noise reduction functionality as it softens the image unacceptably.

If you look at the larger original images then you will some noise on the picture of the black headed gull hovering against a green background. Both the D850 and D7500 have superb high ISO performance

However when I do use noise reduction I use Topaz DeNoise AI, which is pretty good most of the time. The only image I would have used it on was the picture I mentioned

Thank you but I am replying to Ricardo00 and his ISO12,800 shot

I use DxO Photo Lab to process the RAW file (which has noise reduction prime) and then further process with Topaz Studio's AI noise reduction.

Thank you!

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