Old full frame Canon's are such a good deal

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Re: Old full frame Canon's are such a good deal

Mongrel wrote:

Great post. “Contentment is wanting what you HAVE.”

When I feel the G.A.S. coming on I will sometimes go back and do a search for all the images taken with an older body and good lenses.

When I see whst was accomplished with the various 1D\5D\etc models I realize just how much serious photography can STILL be done with them.

And how much work my technique still needs that won’t be helped by purchasing a new body.


THAT’S a different story! Lol

Ooooo....you make a good point there, at least from my position. Two more examples:

  • If I'm going to spend $1,300.00 USD, I'm going to look at a new Canon 100mm macro (I've had my eye on the Canon 100mm f/2.8 IS USM for a very long time).
  • If I'm going to spend $5,000.00 USD, I'm going to look at a used Canon 400mm 2.8 or 4.0 DO (the used 2.8 is harder to find, but I recently drooled over one online).

In either case those purchases would expand my range by giving me outstanding prime glass and more options for portraits/macro (in the first example) or super telephoto for BIF or sports (in the second example). But a $6,000.00 USD purchase of a new Canon RF body only gives the same range of result. YMMV of course; I'm just speaking about me.

Of course the second example would be harder to hide from my wife, but that's for a different thread all together.



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