CK's Lens Post: Sigma AF 500mm 1:7.2 APO

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Ching-Kuang Shene
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CK's Lens Post: Sigma AF 500mm 1:7.2 APO

I acquired this lens several months ago, actually nearly a year ago, in order to using it to understand its characteristics. I am not a fan of Sigma lenses made in this period, the APO AF 400mm 1:5.6 included. Anyway, I finally did it and here is a brief report.

My copy has a Canon EF mount, and, as a result, I need a Sigma MC-11 to used on my Sony A7II. Unfortunately, even with MC-11, this lens did not AF properly.

Lens plus Sigma MC-11. But, this combo did not AF!

This is the lens with MC-11 mounted.

The material of this lens is typical in that era. In general, the material is a dust sucker and after so many years the surface of the lens has become a little sticky. This lens has a minimum focus distance of around 3.5m as shown below.

It has an APO designation. IMO, this lens is not very APO. I used to say that a lens marked as APO does not have to be really APO. Thus, APO is just a technical gimmick. As you can see from the following image, the lens barrel has become a dusk sucker after many year.

A good thing of this lens is that the tripod mount ring allows the user to rotate the lens barrel. This is important because a Gimbal tripod may not support the orientation of the axis of the lens.

This is the rear end of this lens, a typical Canon EF mount. Perhaps due to the firmware of this lens and the new one are not compatible, the MC-11 I have failed to AF.

This is the front of the lens. Nothing!

Then, again, I will show some images taken by this lens. I only provide images taken at f/7.1 and f/11.

800m @ f/7.1

800m @ f/11

This scene is very difficult to focus. Consequently, please bear with me if the focus is inaccurate.

600m @ f/7.1

600m @ f/11

This 400m scene is also difficult to focus properly.

400m @ f/7.1

400m @ f/11

200m @ f/7.1

200m @ f/11

100m @ f/7.1

100m @ f/11

50m @ f/7.1

50m @ f/11

40m @ f/7.1

40m @ f/11

30m @ f/7.1

30m @ f/11

20m @ f/7.1

20m @ f/11

10m @ f/7.1

10m @ f/11

5m @ f/7.1

5m @ f/11

The following was shot at the minimum focus distance (MFD) 3.5m:

3.5m @ f/7.1

3.5m @ f/11

I would not provide any detailed conclusions.  On the other hand, looking these samples, this Sigma AF 500mm 1:7.1 APO  seems to be rather good.  It has an aperture control, which is better than the use of a mirror lens that does not have any aperture control.

Hope this post helps and you will like it.


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