Downgrading from Big Sur to Catalina

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Re: Downgrading from Big Sur to Catalina

lightandaprayer wrote:

wklee wrote:

I ran EtreCheck. It is a 5400rpm Hard Disk and the drive is failing. Also, Gatekeeper is off.
Thank you.

I ran my 2012 Mac Mini for over 3 years using an external Samsung T3 (850EVO) SSD. The thing became a little speed demon compared to the stock HDD. Now my wife uses the T3 for her Time Machine backup. According to Drive Dx the SSD still has around 3/4 of its useful life left.

These days I would opt for the SanDisk Supreme V2 SSD, which I favor over the Samsung T5/T7 drives for various reasons. 256GB was plenty of space for me and that makes the cost around $80.

Of course, you can also install an internal drive if you feel up to it. . . If you have a use for the Mini, $80 is a minimal investment IMO.

Thanks. I currently use a WD Black Game Drive P10 2TB Hard Disk to boot externally from the Mac Mini. Costs about $100. Singapore price is about $140. It's OK. It seems like the local shops charge a bit more.

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