What will you be shooting two years from now?

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Re: What will you be shooting two years from now? - A D780

Antal I Kozma wrote:

Andre Bomhof wrote:

In two years time I will have saved enough for a D780.

It is probably the last DSLR that you can use AI, AIS and D lenses with and I think it is a beautifully solid camera.

I will keep my Fuji X-T2 because the shape and size remind me so much of my old FE-2.

Funny how at my age (going on 67y) nostalgia becomes such a thing


Hi André,

That Crosfield drum scanner tells your vintage in your bio page

Haha yes, during the days that we were all still shooting (slide) film!

That said, I am over seventy now and do understand the nostalgia factor too. I used a Nikon FM-2 alongside the F3 HP. My nostalgia stirs me towards the Nikon Z Fc, it is even more authentic looking than the Fuji, which is also a fine camera.

All the best, AIK

I also had cameras like the Nikkormat, F2A, F3, FE/FM.

The Nikon Z fc looks great but I'm worried about suitable lenses. All the new lenses seem excellent but they are so big and don't really fit the retro style.

So I see myself cycling around the Dutch polder landscape with a D780 and an f/2 28mm Ais

All the best to you too AIK,


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