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D Lynch wrote:

The Grumpy Snapper wrote:

I gave up on the commercially available straps a long time ago.

Having been involved with a company making and selling camera accessories for nature photographers in the 1990s I had experience of designing and prototyping straps/carrying systems so I simply designed my own.

As gear became lighter, I resolved to make my camera straps lighter and hopefully easier to stow when I took the strap off my shoulder...

My worst offender? Slings with large curved pads. The strap took up more room in my bags than the camera? D300S with grip was the camera it was on.

Smaller cameras...a6000 series; RX100 series too.

I've purchased Peak Design leash straps. 3 of them. I've purchased 3 of their wrist straps as well. Cuff? Except the new one has metal buckle bits on it to scratch cameras. I like their connectors, but hate how they keep changing them. Worst case--my RX100-2 needed the thinnest of connectors. Yet they recalled that one. Version 3 if i remember right.

Thanks for the link to your blog. Much appreciated.

There's a couple of blog posts detailing my compact, lightweight sling strap.

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