Are these sharp photos?

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Re: Are these sharp photos?

Twombly wrote:

What do you think, are these photos sharp?

Why do I ask? After some 20 years I've started to shoot film again. And I like the results. So I went on and bought a cheap Rollei Prego Micron AF compact camera.

If you’ve not seen it already 35mmc did a review a few years ago

But, honestly, after shooting digital for several years, I have some difficulties judging the IQ of film (negative film, Kodak 200, in this case). What can I expect? And is this sharp for such a smallish camera?

Kodak 200 will be more grainy that others like Ektar.  I’ve taken a bit to loading my P&S with fairly fast (400ASA+) black and white film to accentuate the sharpness

Actually, I think they came out quite sharp, I like them, so, no matter what you say, I'll

^^^ that’s the only bit that matters

continue to shoot with these camera But very interested in other views.

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