LP-E6 vs LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH self discharge

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Re: LP-E6 vs LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH self discharge

No idea but it makes sense, as all battery pack have a circuit for security purpose and to protect the batteries. My 20D batteries never self discharged as the LP-E6N do. I searched the internet  and found many people complaining about that self discharge problem(Dpreview have few threads about that). All batteries may not have the problem but it seems some do.

On my side I got 2 LP-E6N with the 90D and after 2 months fully charged batteries are drained. It does not make any sense. I own a lot of different Li-ion battery and they go with the rule saying that a LI-Ion battery should self discharge at a rate lower than 2 % a month. Many people experience a much higher rate. Why ?  There's not a lot of possibilities : bad batteries or bad electronic circuit in the battery pack or both ?

We can believe or not the explanation, but the question remains : are the LP-6ENH better than LP-E6N for those who experienced self discharge ? With the lot of people having had problems with self discharge, I imagine some of them have tried the new LP-E6NH and  they could compare.

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