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srock wrote:

I hope the upgrades are as good as promised. I am enthusiastic about all of them. I purchased my upgrade last night and am waiting for the release late this month (They have never in my experience released early so I am guessing Oct 1 or 2).

There is every reason to be hopeful. NoNoise is a winner.

I have been told that on1 No noise will improve the overall demoasicing which I am hopeful is true.

it is simply amazing and if you doubt it then download the stand alone for trial.  It’s faster and nearly as good as Topaz and produces fewer artifacts.  That alone is worth the price of an upgrade.

A major wish for the next upgrade would be upgrading the print module. The three best remain LR, the canon print utility (only LR and PS plugin) and Qimage (very flexible but very odd interface.

they improved the printer interface a while ago but admittedly it’s poor.  I print from Canon’s pro print utility.

I have settled on On1 which I am in general very happy with with occasional trips out to Nik, affinity, Luminar or PL4. There isn't alot that I want to do that I can't with this combo. I must say that in the beginning there was a little sacrifice, but no longer. The non Adobe tools are getting very powerful and easy to use.

generally agree though  it is superior to LR it pales besides PS.  The lack of gradients, context sensitive fill, and a myriad of other things I can do in PS layers points to the distinctions.  Nonetheless, it is quick, reliable, and allows one to produce some great results .


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