Xrite Color Profiles ?

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Re: Xrite Color Profiles ?

TheGrammarFairy wrote:

Absolutely. You may love the results or you may hate the results but either way you will have learned just a little bit more about how your particular camera works and how color science is used on a professional level.

X-Rite 'ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software'. Professional. Funny.

I predict you will be surprised at what a blue hour profile does to your photos but I won’t spoil the fun.

The times when a calibration shot of the Color Checker has been a life saver for me have involved shooting at big downtown festivals where there is a lot of cooking smoke in the air or where you have giant banners bouncing colored light everywhere creating a color cast. There have also been times when atmospherics create strange color responses. The problem usually affects skin tones the most, and a shot of your color checker is cheap insurance.

Lbs26 wrote:

Hello !I've bought today a Xrite Color Checker Passport,i wanted to create my own custom profiles using the Xrite ''ColorChecker Camera Calibration Software''.

I made 1 Daylight profile and 1 Daylight Shade profile,they work fantastic !

Now the question is...should i make 1 night and 1 blue hour profile to cover almost every scenario ?I am talking mainly for landscape photography...i know that i have to create also Tungsten,Fluorescent light...but mainly i take pictures of nature,so Sunrise,Sunset,Daylight,Blue hour and Night.

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