Old full frame Canon's are such a good deal

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Re: Old full frame Canon's are such a good deal

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I'm not scanning the replies in this thread. I'm just saying that I'm still loving my 7DMII (bought new in 2015) and my 5DMIV (bought new in 2017). I'm fairly sure I'm never giving them up.


I'm always amused by people thinking of 6 and 4 year old cameras as 'old', most of my cameras are between 30-60 years old and they still work fine.

There is a difference between digital and film as to which you are referring.. L

In what way? they both take photographs, and some would argue a FF digital camera with 12mp+ takes better quality photo's than most film cameras, so why would a digital camera such as that become obsolete?

I'll rejoin on this one because I get LeicaEye's point. Technology has grown substantially since my first Canon Rebel purchase in 2004, and I upgraded over the years to the the extent that I thought I would need. Hence my 7DmII and 5DmIV. Along with some L series glass, I grew my photography and without those tools I think I would be hampered.

However...and it's a big however...there are many of us that (perhaps) are at our limit. We may hardly be at our creative limit, and one certainly hopes that is not the case. But as I look at the latest Canon R series cameras as well as the Sony A series, I see that they offer me no personal benefit that composition and technique (both in set up and post) won't yield. So for me chasing the preverbal "latest and greatest" in tech is just an effort in spending money. That makes no sense...at least to me, a strong amateur/hobbyist.

Two examples of this:

  • My 7DmII shoots at 10 fps at 18mp. For sports 16 fps will certainly give me more options, but so will 24 or 30 or (infinity). But none of those options give me a better image to work with when compared to the price of those options
  • My 5DmIV will shoot at 24mp. I briefly had a 5DS which shot at 50mp (+/-). My images were of the same quality, so I sold it. I'm just as happy.

If I was a pro, maybe my position would be different. I'll let a pro chime in for that commentary, but for me I'm not so sure that any advance in tech comes with an advance in my work at this point.



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