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Botanical Garden #2 - Fall - the iphone set

Back to the same rural botanical garden I shared last week. This series was shot last fall while I was teaching some classes in iPhone photography (the only expertise I can claim is that I knew a tiny bit more than my students did) and fall photography in general. Some are from site scouting visits and some shot during the class to demonstrate something we were discussing. There's a couple of camera shots in this group, but most are shot with an iPhone 11.

Here is the same bridge as last week but a different season, angle and orientation.

Phone panorama to show Mill Creek, which runs through the garden and empties into the Pearl River. There are alligators and turtles that live here, and plenty of egrets and herons. With our grant we built a wheelchair-accessible viewing platform alongside.

Was showing the workshop folks how to use iPhone tricks to get a blurred background for a fake macro type image. This was a technique they loved.

Beauty berry grows wild, and you can use its leaves to make an organic mosquito repellant. In an emergency, just snatch some leaves off and rub them on your skin.

We did not try to include the many types of fungus in our guides because they are so fickle - here today and gone tomorrow, replaced by new ones. That's a conversation we are still working on. Maybe a poster display in a small kiosk.

Mill Creek wanders through the whole garden, sometimes floods and often requires trash pickup. I left the errant styrofoam cup in rather than cloning it out to illustrate.

Fall wildflowers are fairly abundant.

There's a lot of wild area that has either dirt trails or no trails, but can still be explored. Pets are welcome.

One type of camellia that the first members planted, the sasanqua, has really run rampant in the rear section of the garden. They are not native, but they are too pretty to cut down, so we will have an explanation of how the camellias got there, grew into trees, and became part of the forest. iPhone shooting shenanigans in this one too, just backwards

Some of the workshop students got very excited about these oddly phosphorescent mushrooms. I have no idea what they are but they were indeed photogenic.

My grandsons went on one scouting expedition with me. They can play for hours in the woods.

Fallen trees are lots of fun for kids to climb and explore. My boys pretend this one is a pirate ship they're commanding. We will be developing an area with lots of such items as a nature playground.

This is from the workshop, another attempt to get the participants to imagine different ways to shoot a scene. This is actually a reflection in a pond, turned upside down.


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