What will you be shooting two years from now?

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Re: What will you be shooting two years from now?

backayonder wrote:

When the Z6 and Z7 were first released Ho hum I wasn't impressed at all. One card slot !

I was happy with my D850 and a D500 and the D750.

Then I got rid of the D750 and replaced it with the Z6ii and kit lens 24-70 f4.

The images from just this kit lens blew me away.

So now I have bought more Z series lenses and sold a few F mounts

There is no comparision between my old 24-70 and 70-200mm f mounts and their new counterparts.

My plan is to keep the D500 with the 200-500 for wildlife and sell the D850 the Z series is that good.

My f mount lens with their grey rubbers look so tired and old.

As for the ftz adaptor it's in a cupboard somewhere

I was recently going through some of my shots from about 10 years ago, taken with the presumably much less advanced gear (D300, D700, D3S), and thinking how darned good some of them were. Kind of made me question if I really needed anything better since. Yes, the resolution has improved, and DR has improved, but I feel I already had a really nice setup a long long time ago. But one always gets seduced by the next thing...

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