What will you be shooting two years from now?

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Re: What will you be shooting two years from now?

greenmanphoto wrote:

yray wrote:

We're closing on 100 votes, almost, and it seems only 25% of the current Nikon DSLR users are determined to switch to Z. Maybe not the most representative sample, but these presumably are most valuable users, most likely to buy new gear. If I were Nikon I would be concerned, how are they gonna replace the remaining 75% -- new users? But the market is continuing to shrink, there are many alternatives in the absence of a commitment to a particular mount, and Nikon may not be one of the two most compelling choices anymore.


As discussed above, I wouldn't REPLACE my f-mount bodies, but I might SUPPLEMENT them with a Z9. I think that perhaps quite a few others are thinking the same thing, at least for the time being. There will probably be a lot of SUPPLEMENTATION going on, with eventually replacement happening, IF Nikon continues making good options there. While the current crop of Z bodies are not enticing enough to get me to fully move away from my D500 and D850, I CAN see at some point in the future of having no other choice BUT a mirrorless body for a new camera.



I understand about supplementing. I supplemented my Nikons with a couple of Fuji's just to dip my toes into mirrorless waters, and be able to form a personal opinion on what ML feels like. But these are a sideshow for me.

I see supplementing my F-mount gear with Z gear along much the same lines. Some of my F lenses may not work (AF) on Z at all, and I'm not ready to say goodbye to them. Others would require an adapter, which is a nuisance, additional potential point of failure, something else to keep in mind, etc, -- not optimal. And once you get a Z lens, it won't work on any of the F-bodies. I think it is a mess. Nice to try out or play around with, but basically, unless one eventually does a full transition at large costs, one ends up with a schizophrenic collection of gear that doesn't mix and match all that well in my opinion.

Staying with F-mount obviously obviates all these issues and costs. The future might be mirrorless but the time horizon is unclear to me. I still have some16 year old fully functional Nikon bodies in my closet, and some much older lenses. If I were to assume that my much more current bodies and lenses last another 20 years into the future, and I can find any replacements and additions I may want on the used F market at greatly diminished costs, then the only argument in favor of Z becomes "better" lenses.

From what information I could pick up online, "better" lenses generally means some lenses with better corners, or lenses which are sharper wide open as opposed to 2/3 of a stop down. I don't view either of these issues as critical enough for most of my photography to justify many thousands of $$$ in expenses, even if spread over several years. The inconveniences of the transition, the costs, and the EVF all argue against such a move. YMMV.

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