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Jerry-astro wrote:

sir_c wrote:

Some places like museums do not allow tripods, so there ibis is really nice.

Also concert photos are easier to frame when the image does not tremble as much, especially with the 56/1.2 wide open.

Shooting prime lenses and vintage lenses is easier with ibis too.

Yup, spot on. I particularly enjoy photographing cathedral interiors. Prior to IBIS, my only option with a non OIS lens (such as the 16-55) was to stabilize the camera by balancing it against a pillar, assuming one was located in the right place. With IBIS, I am often able to successfully hand hold the camera and get a more than acceptably sharp image, not to mention the exact composition I’m looking for, without worrying about the constraints of finding a pillar in just the right place.

Any subsequent cameras I purchase will have this feature… plain and simple.

Yes same here. I like photographing interiors of buildings on holidays and days out. IBIS makes a big difference and has allowed me to take lots of good shots. 
it’s not impossible without though, just a bit of a pain and not very practical. In the days of film I wanted to take a picture inside Warwick Castle and I needed to use a shutter speed of 1/8 of a second. Hardly practical without a tripod. I managed though by wrapping the camera strap around my head effectively locking it in place and then leaned against the wall!

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