What will you be shooting two years from now?

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Re: What will you be shooting two years from now?

yray wrote:

greenmanphoto wrote:


I am much the same, for the most part. However, I'm intrigued by the upcoming Z9, the first mirrorless from Nikon (or, pretty much, anyone else!) to really get me to consider switching there. Even so, it won't be a switch, but a combination. BUT, that all depends on exactly what the Z9 is like and how well it performs. Otherwise, it will be a D5 or D6 for me next.

My interest in Z9 is almost entirely academic, other than I do appreciate that NIkon can't afford for it to be a flop. The price tag is a big issue, but also I really don't have a great need in a sports camera anymore, and if I had I would be looking at the F-mount bodies because of the lenses. I'm not a big fan of adapters. Also, I know many people argue otherwise, but for stuff that moves fast OVF is even more crucial IMO, even if you get all the shots you want and EVF lag becomes completely insignificant in practice and is just a concept in my head.

And that, combined with my D500 and D850, will last me a LONG, LONG time, I'm sure.



My interest in the Z9 is that I'm trying to think ahead a bit, as well as get a good, "pro body" for sports and action. I know that mirrorless bodies is the future, as anyone that's looking can plainly see. If I'm going to spend that kind of money on a new body, then I might as well as look at a mirrorless one now, IF--and that's really the key!--it meets my needs and wants.

Like you, I'm no fan of an EVF, preferring an OVF. I'll have to see exactly how this one works in the Z9, along with the other aspects of the performance. From MOST of what I've seen and read, the FTZ adapters work well enough that it's a good bridge between the two lens mounts and systems. As long as I don't lose functionality, I'm good with using it until I get other S glass.

So, really, it all comes down to exactly what we'll be getting with the Z9 as to whether or not I buy one. I can say, though, that if I DON'T buy one, it will probably be that much longer before I DO buy a Z body. I'll have a D500, a D850, and (probably) a D6, arguably three of the best DSLRs ever made, and certainly best from Nikon. Those bodies should last me for QUITE a long time, still, barring something unforeseen and unfortunate happening.


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