Canon 7d upgrade for amateur needs?

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Re: Canon 7d upgrade for amateur needs?

As I progress in my decision (thank you everyone for your input), I have delved deeper into research ...and gotten more confused. I was leaning towards the x-t4, but after using DPReview's Studio shot comparison, it looks like image is soft/off focus compared with the Canon R6, which is just barely softer than Nikon z6 II (clearest looking when focused on paint tubes in bottom right using Raw 100 iso). Liked the r6, but very hesitant on only 20mp.

If decision is based purely on the studio shot comparison, which I know is not valid as it is also dependent upon lens and other variables, then Canon and Nikon are more clear. Canon is tempting to keep cost down and use existing lenses (EF 70-300mm L and EF-S 15-85mm) but realized that the lens connection is different and would need an adaptor (so much for going lighter). So if I am having to still replace lenses, then Nikon is equally on list. Considered Nikon Z fc, but without grip it doesn't look that comfortable to hold (why Nikon...why?!).

But with options popping onto my list, then off, getting confused if I am overthinking this. Not sure what direction to focus on or if should wait longer. Sadly, I can't go budget wise over 2500 camera (preferring to stay in mid 1500 range, but will splurge if needed). Of course hoping to get few dollars of selling existing lenses to cover new lens cost, but not sure of market for ef/ef-s lenses right now.

End goal... replace existing 7d camera with one with better ISO and low light handling, larger images for more cropping, smaller/lighter overall, and fun to use (thus initial interest in Fuji's buttons). End decision will still be trip to store to try in hand to see how they feel (how I ended up with Canon instead of Nikon a decade felt better in hand.)

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