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Re: Canon RF mount 35mm prime

jclin10 wrote:

Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good RF mount 35mm prime? I’m open to waiting for the L-series lens, though if the current options are very good, I might consider those instead.


Sure do. I have been using the RF 35mm f1.8 IS for over a year now and am very impressed with the ability of the lens to render great detail, texture and clarity for landscapes and close-ups. Sharpness and clarity extend right to the corners from about f2.8. The optical capability is excellent, as is the stabiliser and the close-up ability.

The lens is decently compact and moderately priced.

Downsides ?

This is one of Canon's front focussing STM non-L lenses. As such it focusses a bit more slowly than L lenses with USM drive. But I have never missed a shot because of the focus speed.

It is not weather sealed.

The Canon lens hood is not really useful as it screws into the filter thread. I have a petal type bayonet style JJC hood coming from Hong Kong.

If you don't already have an EF mount  35mm lens from Canon or third party, just get the RF 35mm f1.8. It is very good.


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