Godox Modelling Lights Too Dim

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Re: Godox Modelling Lights Too Dim

tugwilson wrote:

Nakaya wrote:

I have two Godox DPIII series lights and the 150w modeling lights are a dim yellow color at 100%. Is there anything I can do to make these modeling lights nicer to use? As is the feature is kind of pointless to me. I would love to get cooler 300w lights but I am not sure that would be possible.

If the bulbs could be upgraded to something better please let me know.

Right now I use a Godox SL60W to setup my shots but it isn't that convenient.

The modeling lights are 150W tungsten bulbs they will be bluer than the strobe light. That's not generally a problem as modeling light are intended to allow you to see how the light falls on the subject.

You could put higher wattage bulbs in the strobes but then you will run into problems with overheating in modifiers. People have tried putting LED bulbs in but then you can run into problems with dimming them. We have had one report of an Elinchrom light being damaged in this way.

Your problem is quite unusual. Generally people are using modeling lights in a studio where the ambient light is low enough for a modelling light to work perfectly well. Can you give us more information about how you are using these lights?

The light blubs included are JDD E26 100-130v 150W. According to the specs the color is 2900 and Halogen.

Both lights are like this super dim. I would have expected a bright 5600 light.

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