APSC vs. full frame comparison yields surprises

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Re: APSC vs. full frame comparison yields surprises

Stan in NH wrote:

I use both an A6400 and an A7RlV. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The smaller size and weight of the A6400 makes it my travel camera of choice, and I am routinely impressed with its IQ. Ergonomically, however, it is significantly less user friendly than my full frame body. The dedicated EV dial, the customizable buttons, the larger grip, the larger and brighter EVF, all make for a more pleasant shooting experience with the larger body. While I normally use BBF with the A7RlV, I find the layout of the small A6400 makes that very awkward, so I went back to shutter AF after a lot of frustration.

As far as IQ, I have no complaints with either camera. However, I do photograph a lot of wildlife, and the cropping ability of a 61mp sensor is far beyond anything I can do with a cropped sensor.

So, for me, each camera has its place and will stay with me until something else tempts me. I always take the R4 when I'm on a wildlife shoot, I always take the A6400 when traveling or I just don’t want to lug heavier gear.

To pigback here, I also have both the A7r IV and A6400, and agree with everything said.  I'll add that I use my smaller lighter APS-C lenses on my A7r IV and get 26 meg of resolution which is plenty and makes for a package (body and lens) that I enjoy carrying and using and I get the premium viewfinder, IBIS, better battery life and file size that I'm plenty happy with.  I'd say 80% time, I don't 'need' 60 meg files, though as mentioned the crop-ability of the files is super helpful.  So it's a nice alternative, I essentially get two cameras in one with the A7r IV.  But I do love the A6400, it's small and focusing beast, and the video is amazing too.

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