Depth of field preview with auto (TL) lenses on Leica CL

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Re: Depth of field preview with auto (TL) lenses on Leica CL

Tomm111 wrote:

I don't think the CL works as a SLR where you focus wide open and the diaphram closes with the shutter. With nonAF lenses, M lenses, adapted lenses, I don't see a diiference in illumination depending on the fstop. As far as I can see the EVF increases the gain when you stop down showing the DOF. This was most apparent with a fast WA. I used an f2.8 Tokina with a Nikon adapter, you could see the difference of DOF as you stopped down, mostly through focus peaking. In three years of using the CL I haven't had difficulty with viewing DOF. With TL lenses you can check this by turning the focus activating focus peaking or turning off AF.

Thank you, Tomm. Not surprisingly, with nonAF lenses (M or otherwise - in this regard they function all alike) you can see the depth of field that corresponds with the aperture chosen, as the chosen aperture is mechanically set at that value from the get go. But with TL lenses I don’t see any change in depth of field when stopping down, whether I turn on focus peaking or turn off AF or whatever (followed by a half press of the shutter). When I subsequently press the shutter fully and ‘chimp’ the picture (shot at, say f/11) on the LCD, then I see many more details in out-of-focus areas than moments before in the EVF or LCD. What fooled me before I started to really look at the details, was that indeed the image darkens upon half pressing the shutter when the combination of shutterspeed, aperture and ISO would result in underexposure. This darkening suggests a somewhat deeper depth of field also, but upon closer inspection one sees this is an illusion.



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