Replacing my Epson R2800 printer

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Re: Replacing my Epson R2800 printer

Ken53 wrote:

Norm Neely wrote:

Sellwood wrote:

It's been faithful for several years, but I now need a wireless printer. What do you like for a 13x19 printer. I print 15-20 prints a month. Mostly Landscapes

I mentioned in an earlier thread to consider a canon pigment ink printer.

Before you do watch this link. Very important.

One of the videos in the link Ken53 gave.

That is why a dye based printer was recommended to me instead a pigment printer.

I don't print enough to use a pigment printer. 15-20 prints a month I might get one?

The printer you see in the video is.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 17"

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 17" Professional 0608C002 B&H Photo (

Canon image PROGRAF PRO-300 13"

Both the same a far as pigment ink and cleanings cycles to keep heads from clogging.

Thank You for that specific link Norm. I have been using the discontinued Pro 100 for a few years now. I knew it was incredibly wastfull with the ink consumption. I had not seen the video you linked to. It is an eye opener.

I know this thread has been started in a less then an ideal forum but maybe it will help some that don't view the printer forum.

Thanks again.


How wasteful any printer is does depend on how you use it. Lots of things can have an effect depending on the design. For instance, some printers people leave switched on all the time. This obviously wastes a small amount of electricity. Some models will do little refresh cycles while on standby which uses ink too. Other models will do a clean cycle whenever you switch them on also using ink. It is not consistent between brands or models from the same brand. There was one model in the ast that if just switched on daily but never actually used would eat a full set of cartridges in just over two months. That lead to a lot of complaints.

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