Depth of field preview with auto (TL) lenses on Leica CL

Started Sep 6, 2021 | Questions thread
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Re: Depth of field preview with auto (TL) lenses on Leica CL

I don't think the CL works as a SLR where you focus wide open and the diaphram closes with the shutter. With nonAF lenses, M lenses, adapted lenses, I don't see a diiference in illumination depending on the fstop. As far as I can see the EVF increases the gain when you stop down showing the DOF. This was most apparent with a fast WA. I used an f2.8 Tokina with a Nikon adapter, you could see the difference of DOF as you stopped down, mostly through focus peaking. In three years of using the CL I haven't had difficulty with viewing DOF. With TL lenses you can check this by turning the focus activating focus peaking or turning off AF.

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