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Re: Looking for software suggestions

I'll make a couple of assumptions:

1) You just bought a R5, you're not budget constrained

2) You just bought a R5, you want to get all the IQ you can out of those files

If I had all the time in the world to give to each image I'd use DxO PhotoLab to process the RAW files and Photoshop to finish them off.

If I wanted a simpler/faster workflow I'd go with Capture One. Put in the time to master the tool, there's a lot there.

I'd add something like Photo Mechanic into the mix to manage the files and whatever metadata you like to use.

I have a R5. PhotoLab and Capture One give a different default look but both are very nice. It would be a matter of your personal preference which gives you the look you like best. The amount of detail from both is crazy. Way more than I can practically take advantage of.

A couple of potential issues:

1) DxO can be painfully slow with new lens support. If some new RF lens (say the much rumored fast 35) is on your radar you might have a wait for full support.

2) Photoshop is subscription only, you said you don't like subscriptions. This is not a discussion I want to get into. Always ends up being an argument Affinity Photo is satisfactory (IMO) as an alternative...

3) Capture One has a workflow/feel all it's own. It takes an effort to get the best out of it.

After saying all that, have you tried shooting jpeg straight out of the camara? For your primary use case you might be pleasantly surprised with the results and all the free time you get back not sitting in front of your computer

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