Depth of field preview with auto (TL) lenses on Leica CL

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Re: Depth of field preview with auto (TL) lenses on Leica CL

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I have no experience with TL lenses but did you try in M or A mode?

I tried in both modes (and tried again to make sure…) - no difference. (As an aside, with M lenses this problem of course doesn’t occur, as they’re always closed down to the chosen setting immediately, which makes them highly unpractical in another way when you’re not into the fashionable Jono Slackish ‘I always shoot wide open’ : you first have to focus with wide open aperture for precision, and then have to set the aperture to the desired value).

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You don't have to focus M (or LTM) lenses at full aperture, Hans. I do it all the time at working aperture and it works fine with image magnification. At f/11 below. BTW i seem to recall that Jonathan Slack thinks alike but i may be wrong


thank you. Nothing wrong indeed with the focus of your fine macro insect shot ! Sofar my first question remains unanswered (preview of depth of field with an auto (TL etc.) lens on a CL. On my very first single lens reflex camera, an Exakta 1A (1964, yrs humbly 15 yrs of age, carrying out the processing himself in his own improvised darkroom) this could be done very easily.
Best, Hans

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