Depth of field preview with auto (TL) lenses on Leica CL

Started Sep 6, 2021 | Questions thread
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Re: Depth of field preview with auto (TL) lenses on Leica CL

Muus wrote:

Not being a ‘wiide open shooter’ most of the time, I would like to be able to preview the effect of the aperture I have chosen. While I do get a preview of over- or underexposure as the case may be upon half pressing the shutterbutton, the depth of field doesn’t perceptably change in the EVF, not even at, say, f/11. Am I missing something ?

Hans Muus

I'm just about to order a CL and had the same question, I would think a little cheat card with the relevant f stop/distances might be in order, there may even be an App for cell phones.. I'm going to try an M lens with adaptor, they have all the distance markings etc..  L

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