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Re: FP vs FP-L

Tom Schum wrote:

I do not own both, but I considered both before buying a fp L.

The reason I bought a fp L is that I think that downsizing a 61mp image to the size of a fp image (25mp) will give me better pixel-level sharpness than I can get from the fp. To me, this translates to better rendering of fine textures. I believe this contributes to the feeling of realism in a photo.

Also, I have a Fuji APS-C camera already, which produces files at fp resolution (of course, the fp is full-frame). It looks like the APS-C crop mode of the fp L will be able to give me 24mp images, similar to the resolution I get from my Fujis. This does not matter much to me so far, however.

If you have seen other threads about fp and fp L in this forum, the AF speed of the fp L should be better because it has phase focus pixels. The rolling shutter effect in the fp L is worse than in the fp, because the sensor takes longer to read out the image. There are some sample rolling shutter images in those threads.

How often do you have rolling shutter problems? I have an E-M1 II, and for telephoto, I generally use E-shutter and rarely have issues.

For me the FP L will be a 50/50 video stills camera.

I also find the crop zoom function of the FP L for video interesting which I believe is a 2.5x crop max with 4k video which significantly increases the range of lenses. And a 2x crop of stills provides 15mp which is good.

The only negative for me right now is no mechanical shutter and no IBIS. But I will probably try it out and see if I can live with it.

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