HDR/Bracketing - Shutter/Aperture/ISO

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Re: HDR/Bracketing - Shutter/Aperture/ISO

sakibnaz wrote:

Hi there ... generally we do HDR/backing by changing ShutterSpeed. What are the use-case of Bracketing by ISO or Aperture?

Will it be useful doing Bracket by blending ... like Under-expose by Shutter and Over-Expose by ISO?

STOP -1 (Adjusted by Shutter Speed)
STOP 0 (Base Exposure)
STOP +1 (Adjusted by ISO)

Any benefit of it?


ISO bracketing is useful when handholding and when bracketing to reduce wind movement, eg see here and on other posts I’ve written https://photography.grayheron.net/2021/07/m3-landscape-bracketing-script-latest.html

When ISO bracketing it is good to know your sensor’s ISO invariance point, as increasing ISO beyond this point just throws away photons, ie reduces DR. Unless, of course you need the shutter speed advantage.

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