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Re: BIF. I have much to learn.

Mike Fewster wrote:

Posted because it's on my mind. The shot was taken yesterday as we were driving to central Australia. At one spot there were clouds of budgerigars. We stopped and I headed into the bush to try to get BIF. Tried for about an hour. Crawled under fences looking for a good vantage point. Chopped up by prickles. Experimented with many different settings. Those birds move very fast and very erratically.

Here is my best shot and it isn't good.

Conclusion. I have much to learn and if I was to get serious about this, Some different gear would help but mainly, this is my learning curve to be climbed.

Welcome to the club of novice birds in flight photographers!

It is good fun and rewarding when the photos are successful, although the bar for success is very low initially. You have already received good advice, but here are a couple more obscure  ones, albeit from my Olympus,which is famous for having millions of user settings, and long menus to cater for that.

- check that priority is given to AF rather than shutter release. The shutter will only fire if AF confirms the image is sharp, rather than allowing shutter to fire at max frequency regardless of sharpness.

- check for focus limiting. This is a great feature, both in camera and on some lenses for Olympus, if you can guess distance of birds and the distracting background or foreground is not too close.  It can also be annoying if you guess the birds distance badly and they are not in selected range, or if you try aiming at birds at different distances and forget to change the limits.

- with continuous AF, there is a max frame/sec limit for which the camera refocuses before each shot. If over that limit, camera focuses before first frame and does not change for any subsequent shots in the sequence.

- slow, gliding birds of prey are bigger, slower and easier to photograph than the tiny, nervous, fast moving birds.

With this shot, the birds are nicely separated from the blurred background, and the light is nice too. I think it is good that the flock is flying into the frame, rather than filling the entire frame with a mass of birds.


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