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Rich74 wrote:

Thanks all your replies have been great. I've set up the Fn button for single point for now and will see how it goes on the weekend in action. Just to clarify would it be beneficial to activate af-on on the fn button also as well as af single point so its one less thing to think of? Currently using AF-on for BBF anyway

As I wrote (and highlighted) in my post ... "Be sure to select "AF-area mode + AF-ON""

That's the whole point of customization buttons, to not just select different AF area modes, but use it to focus at the same time. So that applies to any button you are programing for a focus area selection.

There are several options in the Custom control assignment menu ... selecting a button in the initial graphic menu shows the options available for that particular button.  Select "AF-area mode + AF-ON", then arrow over, and a list of AF areas are displayed for you to select.  Always press OK after selecting an option.

Also, it is beneficial (and I believe important for simplicity) to set a8 in the "Custom settings menu" to "OFF", which disables shutter button focusing.  When you press a custom button to focus, it will override the shutter button focus if it is left "ON", which just creates confusion.  Some shooters actually do use both, but it is a technique which requires a lot of skill, practice and concentration.

Personally, I prefer to use the "preview button" (for group) using my middle finger, and the "AF-ON button" (for single point) using my thumb.  The shutter focus is "OFF".  I find it very easy to swap between these two buttons while in shooting position.  You should use the buttons which are most comfortable for you, however.  If that turns out to be the "Fn button", then that is what you should use.  But try different set-ups to help you find what is most comfortable.

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