Thoughts regarding a dead system. A bit of a rant.

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Thoughts regarding a dead system. A bit of a rant.

Ha! Made you look.

Summary: A mount is far from dead and lens prices are still too high, but moving to E mount has no benefit, especially if you're invested in A mount. On the other hand, investing in A mount is risky.

So I'm thinking of getting another A mount body. Having one is a bit limiting when I need to quickly swap between two focal lengths, and I could really benefit from an extra body. But A99ii is so good that anything less would be too limiting. Not necessarily in terms of resolution, but AF, speed and general ease of use is simply stellar. So how much is a used A99ii? Too expensive. I mean, just a couple are available , and the price is about 2/3 of a new camera or 1/3 for a broken one (mount broken off). That's too much for a camera that's outside warranty (if it at least had extended warranty, I could consider).

I wanted to get a couple lenses. Not to fill holes in my lineup, I just thought I could find use for some and try to expand my creativity.

I went looking for a fast 35 mm. Three options available, Sony G, Tamron 35/1.8 and Sigma Art 35/1.4. I had the Sony G and found I use it very rarely, I was wary of having to stop it down so much that I just used the ZA 24-70 instead. Sigma Art is much better optically and it makes sense to use it wide open, but it's still fairly expensive, and from user experience, it sometimes overshoots focus. Even meticulous calibration with Sigma's USB dock only helps a little. Tamron is a wildcard, and I wouldn't mind trying it, but Tamron's lens console for Sony is no longer sold and I can't find used ones, so it's a bit risky.

I thought I could maybe get a faster wide angle to replace or supplement my KM 17-35/2.8-4 (the rebranded Tamron). I can't bring myself to consider the Zeiss 16-35/2.8. The prices are frankly ridiculous, especially considering the lens size and weight. I can't find Tamron 15-30 for Sony, I don't think there are other lenses worth considering. On a whim, I just bought a Sigma 15-30/3.5-4.5 and I'll play with it.

70-400 G SSM II is about the same price as FE 100-400, which makes me raise my eyebrows. I mean, the old 70-400 is was a great lens, but 100-400 is optically better and focuses much faster on E mount bodies. I have no idea what makes the old 70-400 keep its prices, but in my opinion, it's way overpriced.

I looked on the other side of the fence. Grass greener, and all that stuff, but I'm really not missing all that much.

So no, A mount isn't dead yet. Some lenses cost way too much. They should have dropped 25-50% by now, but haven't. I kinda wish Sony made another A mount body or at the very least guaranteed native performance with adapted A mount lenses on something less expensive than A7Riv.

I really hope A7 iv hits this year and includes full compatibility with LA-EA5. It would finally be something to make me consider E mount. I guess the biggest risk is that once it arrives, prices of used A mount gear will start dropping more sharply and selling off A mount gear will no longer bring as much money while buying E mount lenses will become more expensive.

Or I'll just keep using my A99ii until it breaks, which is probably still years away. Maybe at least when that A7 iv is announced and used gear prices plummet, I'll spring for another A99ii?

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