Xrite Color Profiles ?

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Red is just tough

One more thing...i noticed with my Xrite daylight profile...the reds all always almost magenta red,am i doing something wrong?The rest of the colors are very very accurat,but only the red colors in particular in most of the photos tends to go into magenta.

I used to shoot a client whose members wore a very particular color of red T-shirt and found that each Color Checker calibrated processing chain made a different strange shift to the reds of the shirts.

The straight Adobe profile pushed way too much yellow into the red, while the same color checker image in DaVinci Resolve would render the shirts a very vivid color that I can only describe as “insanely red” but not in a good way.

The same applies for light-skinned Europeans in the winter when they have no tan: their faces can look like they have a 300-watt red light bulb in their head with some processors, others make them look nice.

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